Among the many highlights of my experience at the 2020 global initiative was this introduction by Chris Hemsworth.

Educators and performers Gary Motley and Dr. Gordon J. Vernick discuss the significant roles that Jews have played in the jazz scene. More

Let’s face it: climate change is real. Join over 50 activists, scholars, scientists, thought leaders, musicians and actors in a series of sessions which are certain to leave you inspired to fight for the health of our planet. I’m excited to perform during this momentous event with actor/performer Cynthia Erivo Saturday, October 10 between 3:50 and 5:00 pm. To join the countdown, visit

G-Stream Media is pleased to join EJAZZ News in celebrating the release of “Tone Poems” by Gary Motley. Read

G-Stream Media announces the release of “Tone Poems” by Gary Motley. In contrast to the hard swing and bop which have come to define his style, Tone Poems showcases Motley “creating a musical painting of harmonic richness on a blank canvas” – a tour de force which unabashedly tests the boundaries of sound and space.